About Future Fleets

Future Fleets is fan-driven initiative to create a self-sustaining, Star Trek-themed online universe. It is divided into two key features - a database of existing Star Trek role-playing simulations and a browser-based game.

The Future Fleets Database, current in Beta, is intended to serve as a central hub for the simming community. We want to make it easier for simmers to connect with each other, and for simms and fleets to find new talent. We also want to keep the community apprised of important news and valuable resources they can use to enhance their posts, sites, fleets, and simulations.

With respect to the Future Fleets Game, coming in December 2013, we want to let our players tell the story and determine what happened after Nemesis and the destruction of Romulus, and how they choose to do that is almost entirely up to them. Each character can be customized with special skills and abilities before leaving their alliance's main planet and setting off into the unknown.

In short, Future Fleets is here both to enhance existing characters and simulations and to give newcomers the chance to play a role in the Star Trek universe. We hope you will join us in this exciting new endeavor, and we thank you for taking the time to visit our site.

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